Fire and Ice Books

​​Sixteen year old Rurik is only interested in going to high school to “get to know his human side.” He has been sheltered and kept away from humans most of his life. His father, a vampire, and his mother who was a slayer before she was changed run the secret vampire society and only reluctantly agree to let Rurik attend school. He is betrothed to his equal, Amy, who is like him, a new race, and superior in every way. But he meets and falls in love with a beautiful, and shy, girl, Mindy, in one of his classes and things quickly get complicated when her ex-boyfriend, a high school jock is outraged. Rurik’s parents are furious and insist he stop seeing Mindy. Everything that can possibly go wrong does and in a short period of time students are missing and rogue vampires are threatening to turn the entire town. Rurik and Amy have to figure out how to destroy them and fix the spiraling catastrophe before their parents find out. With Mindy’s human life in constant peril Rurik decides the best thing to do is to run away together and start over in a small coastal town, hidden away.

By C.S. Wolfe

"A well-crafted, traditional supernatural romance"

                                                                              -Kirkus Discoveries Review

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