By C.S. Wolfe

Fire and Ice Books

About the Author

Cyndi Smith Wolfe has always had a love for art and literature, although she struggled with reading at an early age. Her father’s employment required frequent moves, and after attending five different 2nd grades and still not able to read, her parents had to hire her a private tutor. Since then, she has excelled in literature and English, and even though she was a shy introverted child at an early age, she loved to give book reports and read her stories to classmates.

After graduating high school, Cyndi attended the University of Texas at Austin on an art scholarship but moved with her parents to Los Angeles when her dad was promoted and transferred once again. She receiv
ed a 

Commercial Art degree from North Valley Occupational Center in Mission Hills, and her first job was an in-residence artist in L.A. for Barth and Dreyfuss where she designed kitchen towels. After meeting Ed and marrying at age twenty three in Rhode Island, they moved to Colorado where he was born and raised. They tried for several years to have a child and Mariah (Maya) was finally born in the spring of 1995. The baby had a serious congenital heart defect and spent the first six weeks struggling for her life at Children’s Hospital in Denver. Cyndi was able to stay close by at Ronald McDonald House and was at her daughter’s side from sun up to sun down every day of the ordeal with frequent visits from Ed, family and friends. Maya had two catheters and a shunt put in before Ed and Cyndi were finally able to bring their baby home on oxygen at six weeks old. Maya required extra care growing up but thrived in a household with loving parents. After having open heart surgery at two years old, she only required checkups with her cardiologist. Cyndi was able to work part time on her art and writing, rearranging her schedule around her daughter’s needs. She always planned and knew at some point in her life that she would write about the vampires and stories she imagined in her head.

It wasn’t until Maya was a teenager and reading the Twilight series that Cyndi finally felt she had the time to write. She wrote a four book series in a little more than six months. Her daughter was a tremendous help by listening to her stories and offering advice. Plus, she had always been good with computers and did Cyndi’s webpage design and Youtube book videos. Cyndi Smith Wolfe self-published her books, designing the covers and chapter headings and soon had a respectable following and sales.

After Cyndi and her husband divorced, Maya once again needed open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary valve at age fifteen. With divorce, her daughters health issues, and the housing market crash her books had to once again be put on the back burner. She concentrated on her art and mural business with high-end clients where she painted custom murals and artwork in their homes along the front range.

Maya recovered from surgery, but soon after had to relocate to a lower altitude in California at age eighteen. Cyndi sold most of her belongings in the three bedroom, two bath, one car garage house she was renting along with most of her business equipment and moved out to California six months after Maya. She moved with their pug Rosy and only what she could fit in her jeep. She has had to start over from scratch to be close to her daughter working as a stock clerk in the early a.m., delivery driver, cake decorator and a cook. Once she was settled enough to consider her books again, she queried a publisher looking for authors in her genre and was accepted. It’s taken over three years to get her first book published with the second in the series out shortly. She also has a young adult novel that will be released this year with plenty more to follow. Cyndi Smith Wolfe lives with her partner and love Paul in sunny California close to her daughter.